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From the very beginning of my yoga journey, my experience has brought me constant encouragement.  To start, my friends, who have now become some of my dearest friends, were responsible for introducing me to yoga and to Bhakti Barn.  I’d been to other yoga studios in the past but never had I experienced a studio like Betsy Davis’s; it was the warmest, most inviting environment, and a place I felt at home.

The first time I stepped into Betsy’s class I was completely lost.  I went from plank pose, PLOP, directly to hitting the floor, and my Chaturanga did not turn out as gracefully as I had hoped.  The encouraging words from Betsy spoke to me.  She taught me to embrace the moment by doing what you can “now” and that more movement would eventually come.  This helped me to not get discouraged.  The support and comradery revealed to me at Bhakti was not only through my own friends and myself but I also felt this closeness with people I was meeting for the first time. All of us were doing something we enjoyed together.  This feeling kept me coming back every week.

After almost two years into my practice I started discovering something magical. By finally discovering the connection between the breath and the balance within the poses, I lost all thought; I was finding a more spiritual connection with yoga.

At the time when I started my yoga practice I was struggling; some unfavorable life decisions from my life’s past left me feeling angry and lost.  Yoga helped open my eyes to my own possibilities; I was finally feeling confident and happy in my own skin on this new venture.   Yoga gave me something to focus on and something to achieve.  Staying conscious and aware of “the moment” in my practice and embracing those moments as they come, I love that feeling.  With some hard work, I knew I could get there one day!

All of a sudden, amazing things started happening!  I have gained further abilities achieving full wheel, crow pose, handstand and headstand.  Every moment of achieving each pose for the first time is so special.  I am hooked.  I am a yogi.

For five and a half years I have been on my yoga journey and never once have I wanted to leave.  I can say now that yoga truly has brought so much joy to my life.  Yoga has taught me to be kind to myself, to be present, and to challenge myself.  I believe that all people must face these hardships throughout their life.

Yoga has sincerely changed my life.  It means so much to me to be able to share with others the same joy I’ve experienced from yoga as a yoga teacher myself.

Look forward to meeting y’all!

Peace & Love

Vanessa xx

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